How it works

Once you have created your Sohi Profile you are ready to start talking…

Search & watch

Want to talk to a maths tutor in London for a 16 year old? Type in Maths, Tutor, London, GCSE and watch the video intros.

Ask to talk

Click on ‘Ask to talk to...’ and write a message explaining what you’d like to talk about. They will receive your request and a link to your profile via email.

Email to arrange

You can email each other to decide a time to talk on the phone/ on skype/ facetime/... it's up to you.

Top tips:

  • You can type anything into the search bar! E.g. blue sky thinking, bagpipe tuning.
  • For advanced searches you can include: country, language, gender, age bracket(16-2​5​, 2​6-35, 3​6-45, 46-55, 56-65, 66-75, 76-85…). E.g. Search Female, United Kingdom, Start-up, 26-35 to find Sohi’s founder.
  • Try to write a clear explanation of what you want to talk about, and tell them which of their buzzwords interests you.
  • We recommend keeping your conversation short, e.g. 10-20 minutes, but it’s up to you.


Sam used Sohi to get advice for a cycling trip he was planning along the Danube. He typed in cycling Danube and found Marina who had cycled there. Marina passed on her pearls of wisdom over Facetime and Sam had a great holiday.

Kate used Sohi to get help on how to get started on Twitter, she typed in social media and Andy appeared. She spoke with Andy on Skype and got great advice as Andy is an expert in social media and runs Twitter for a number of sports media organisations.

Kathy used Sohi to search for help with Indian cooking and found Uma. Kathy spoke with Uma over the phone and ended up coming to Kathy’s house to cook an Indian meal for 16 guests! Uma made money and friends. Kathy had a delicious meal.

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