How it works

Record your video

Introduce yourself over video in under a 60 seconds, using your smartphone or laptop.

Search & ask to talk

Search the site via the blue tags - e.g. coding, kids. Find someone you'd like to talk to, and click 'Ask to talk to Elizabeth'.

Arrange to talk

We'll send an email to Elizabeth to let her know you've asked to talk to her. Then you can email each other to find a time for a voice or video call.

Top tips:

  • Search by click on the blue words on the site, or by typing into the search bar.
  • You can search for multiple words to tailor your search, e.g. London Fin-tech
  • For advanced searches you can include: country, language, gender, age bracket (16-2​5​, 2​6-35, 3​6-45, 46-55, 56-65, 66-75, 76-85…). E.g. Search Female, United Kingdom, Start-up, 26-35, Founder to find Sohi’s founder.
  • Be clear in your ask - Explain why you want to talk.
  • We recommend 15 minutes for an initial conversation.
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