Talk to the people behind the start-ups.

Behind the polished crowdfunding campaigns, promo videos, product launches and demo days… are the people, grafting to build the start-ups.

Those people have introduced themselves on this site. Their videos aren’t professional campaigns, they are raw, brief straight talking introductions, shot on smartphones.

We invite you, the investors, journalists, advisors… to talk to them. We’ve made it quick and easy for you search them by company name, market segment, accelerator programme, or anything else they might have tagged, and ask to talk.

Sohiworld is a free video introductory platform. Launched in 2017 by Founder, Sarah R Pierce.

Get in touch if you’d like help getting your network of start-ups, investors or journalists on Sohiworld.

You can ask to talk to Sarah here, or email her at

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